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People & Teams

At People & Teams, we specialize in helping organizations and its people improve their bottom line. We focus on your specific needs and challenges.

About Us


We listen carefully to our clients to help them improve and transform processes related to their people, work and business teams. We contribute to strengthen the careers of their employees, their teams and build stronger companies.


To be a quality option for our clients with needs related to their people and work teams. We work closely with our clients providing the required advice for their transformation.


We believe in the active and open participation of people to solve issues that impact them. Encourage psychological safety when participating and providing input. The enthusiasm, energy and attitude of people is paramount to the success of the team. We believe in the skills, competencies and strengths of each team member. We are close to our clients. To truly achieve the goal, the client and we have to be one team.

Our Services

Human Resources as Strategic Partner (HRBP Model)

We align the HR approach from strictly transactional and regulatory to one of working hand-in-hand and teaming with line and direct staff. 

Management & Supervisory Skills

We strengthen your executives' ability to deal with crisis situations and solve problems quickly. We work on skills that help managers relate harmoniously with their co-workers and know how to deal well with their direct subordinates.

Team Building

We turn a group of individual employees into a cohesive team, a group of people organized to work together to meet the needs of their customers by achieving their purpose and objectives.

Executive Coaching

We enable executives and high potential collaborators to strengthen their social and emotional skills in order to achieve their personal and professional goals.  

Talent Management & Leadership Development

Together with our client, we identify and support the development, growth and strengthening of high potentials and leaders for their organization.

Integration y Cohesion

We carry out activities both outdoors and in diverse environments to strengthen communication, integration and cohesion of work groups.

Culture & Climate

We identify the organizational behaviors that support the achievement of your business strategy, as well as those that are obstacles to it.  We accompany you in the implementation of the suggested changes and improvement actions.

Talent Acquisition

We support you in finding specialized professionals, who require a very specific set of skills, leaders or future executives for your company. 

What we do?

We help you and your organization streamline critical human talent processes such as selecting the right people, communication, internal customer service, performance management, executive growth and development, team effectiveness, culture and organizational transformation.

Our Team

Milton Argüello


Life Coach MBA and Certification

Karlett Martínez

Consultant and Brand Manager

Bachelor’s’ degree in Marketing and Advertising

Gioconda Navarrete

Talent Acquisition Consultant and Teambuilding-DISC Facilitator

Bachelor’s’ degree in Psychology

Andrea Arguello-Abramson

Learning Systems Design Consultant

MsC Vanderbilt University y PhD Candidate University of Southern Colorado

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